Skirt Or Skort, What's Best For Golf

Determining the "best" golf skort can depend on individual preferences, including fit, style, budget, and performance needs. However, some popular and highly regarded options in the golf apparel market include:

  1. Nike Golf Women's Dry Skort: Known for its moisture-wicking fabric and stretchy construction, this skort offers excellent comfort and mobility on the course. It comes in various colors and patterns to suit different tastes.

  2. Adidas Golf Women's Ultimate365 Knit Skort: This skort features a blend of polyester and elastane for a comfortable fit and freedom of movement. It also includes built-in shorts for added coverage and confidence during your swing.

  3. Under Armour Links Golf Skort: Made from lightweight and breathable materials, this skort offers superior moisture management and ventilation. It comes with convenient pockets and a stylish, modern design.

  4. Callaway Women's Core Solid Skort: Designed with performance in mind, this skort features Opti-Dri moisture-wicking technology and Opti-Stretch fabric for maximum flexibility. It offers a classic look and comes in a range of colors to match your style.

  5. Puma Golf Women's Pounce Skirt: This skort combines style and functionality with its moisture-wicking fabric and stretchy construction. It features a sleek, athletic design and comes in various colors and patterns.

  6. Tail Activewear Women's Mulligan Skort: Tailored for performance and style, this skort offers UPF 50+ sun protection and moisture-wicking properties. It comes in a range of lengths and patterns to suit different preferences.

  7. Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt: Although not exclusively marketed as golf attire, Lululemon's Pace Rival Skirt is a favorite among golfers for its lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric and comfortable fit. It features built-in shorts and a wide range of colors and patterns.

Ultimately, the best golf skort for you will depend on factors like fit, style, performance features, and budget. It's essential to try on different options and consider your specific needs and preferences before making a decision. Additionally, reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow golfers can help guide your choice.