Golf Skort Or Golf Skirt, Which Is Better

The main difference between a golf skirt and a golf skort lies in their construction and functionality:

  1. Golf Skirt:

    • A golf skirt is a traditional skirt designed specifically for golf. It typically features a skirt-like silhouette without built-in shorts or compression shorts underneath.
    • Golf skirts often require the wearer to pair them with separate compression shorts or spandex shorts for coverage and modesty during the golf swing.
    • While golf skirts offer a feminine and stylish look, they may not provide the same level of coverage and functionality as golf skorts.
  2. Golf Skort:

    • A golf skort, on the other hand, is a hybrid garment that combines the style of a skirt with the functionality of shorts. It features a skirt-like outer layer with built-in shorts or compression shorts underneath.
    • Golf skorts offer the look of a skirt with the added coverage and support of shorts, making them a practical choice for female golfers.
    • The built-in shorts of a golf skort eliminate the need for separate compression shorts, providing a streamlined and convenient option for golf attire.

As for which is better, it ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs:

  • Golf Skirt: Golf skirts are a classic choice for female golfers who prefer a traditional and feminine look. They offer versatility and can be paired with different tops and accessories for a personalized style.

  • Golf Skort: Golf skorts are a practical and functional choice for female golfers who prioritize comfort and performance on the course. The built-in shorts provide coverage and support while allowing for unrestricted movement during the golf swing.

In general, many female golfers prefer golf skorts for their combination of style and functionality. However, some may still prefer golf skirts for their classic aesthetic. Ultimately, the choice between a golf skirt and a golf skort comes down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable and confident for you on the golf course.